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What to do after you Graduate

What to do after you Graduate? If you’re one of the many people about to graduate University this year you are probably in the middle of exam cramming and dissertation hell! The final year of a degree takes up all of your time (well with a few breaks to have a pint in the student …

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Retaining Regional Talent

All UK regions benefit greatly from a skilled and educated workforce and in these challenging times of greater mobility it is the task of the universities, local authorities and local employers to capture as much local regional talent as is possible.  There are usually two strands to this: the talent that originated from a particular …

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Job searching: Staying Fresh

Job seeking today can be a soul destroying task with, at times, so many candidates chasing so few openings. You should be prepared to take setbacks but the secret here is to keep focussed and keep pursuing openings. Your preparation traditionally has been ensuring your resume is eye catching and up to date plus the …

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Impress the Hiring Manager

A job interview is the final stage when you have an opportunity to impress a potential employer. Failing this task usually means the end of the road for that job opportunity. Job seeking can be a confusing and uninspiring task that can quickly drain your enthusiasm and positive outlook. However, there are several simple actions …

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don't give up

If You Fail Don’t Give Up

After a job setback the only way for you to go is forward, with positivity. Everyone fails from time to time. If you don’t put yourself in position to possibly fail then you aren’t putting yourself in position to enjoy great success either. As Wayne Gretzky used to say “you can’t score if you don’t shoot.” …

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