The Interview

Interview Feedback

Getting Feedback when Job Hunting

To properly arm and prepare yourself for the next interview it is usually vitally important that you elicit feedback on why you did not get that job you have just interviewed for. Wondering why you failed the last interview doesn’t instill confidence in you when going for the next one. But when and how should …

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interview success

Plan for Interview Success

So you have a big interview coming up and you want to be sure you stand out from the rest of the candidates? What you are looking for is interview success and a step up your career ladder. When you go into to a job interview one of the best things you can do is …

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Impress the Hiring Manager

A job interview is the final stage when you have an opportunity to impress a potential employer. Failing this task usually means the end of the road for that job opportunity. Job seeking can be a confusing and uninspiring task that can quickly drain your enthusiasm and positive outlook. However, there are several simple actions …

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How to Nail a Job interview

Autumn is here and that means employers are looking to hire. Knowing the company you plan to apply to and doing your research will increase your odds of getting into the career you’re looking for with your new degree. Here are a few tips to make you stand out in a crowd. Prove yourself to the …

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The Hard Questions

Practice the hard questions

Every job interview is different per individual but here are a few top Interview questions to consider when job seeking. Take a look, practice them and really consider what your answers may be. One of the most common questions I have been asked at almost every interview I have been to is; Why do you …

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