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Time for learners to realise the real process of learning

With rapid changes taking place everywhere, 21st century learning is being viewed with a lot of curiosity. But, beyond a point it looks meaningless, particularly because the actual process of learning has not undergone a striking change despite human and technological advances. While educators express diverse opinions about 21st century learning, technology – though important …

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Distance Learning: A New Way to Study

Getting educated and earning a University degree is becoming increasingly easier as technology expands and creates fresh, new opportunities for individuals. One of these modern development opportunities is ‘distance learning’, or online learning, which occurs when a student does not travel to University to learn or study face to face with a professor, but communicates with …

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Applying to UCAS – Tips and Tricks

Many students will likely be stressed this holiday season with the upcoming January 15 deadline for applications granting entry into the UCAS. While this process can be time consuming, exhausting, and anxiety producing, it can ultimately be extremely rewarding! Experts have offered a number of tips for having a great UCAS application for a healthy …

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