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Time for learners to realise the real process of learning

With rapid changes taking place everywhere, 21st century learning is being viewed with a lot of curiosity. But, beyond a point it looks meaningless, particularly because the actual process of learning has not undergone a striking change despite human and technological advances. While educators express diverse opinions about 21st century learning, technology – though important …

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Having Trouble With Stress?

Are you ever feeling really stressed? Don’t know what to do? What if I told you there are specific foods that can help you to calm your stress levels? What are these stress busting foods? Well, you may need to boost your Vitamin C intake and Vitamin B, which is in nuts, bananas, cereal, salad …

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Simple Steps to De-stress Your Work

A survey from the American Institute of Stress found that 40% of workers consider their jobs extremely stressful. In fact, one quarter of those surveyed said their work is the top ‘stressor’ in their lives. Research suggests this can lead to serious health problems. Luckily, there are a number of easy steps you can take …

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