Never fear, clearing is here

Never fear, Clearing is here

August 13th 2015 will just be a normal day, unless of course you’re a student waiting for those all important A Level results! Most students will be praying their hard work paid off and they have the grades they need to get into their number one choice University, however for some this sadly isn’t the case. …

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Revision cramming

6 Tips to start a graduate blog

In today’s competitive market you may have found it hard to separate yourself from the crowd when applying for your first graduate job role. Generally you will have a very similar skillset and qualifications to your fellow students applying against you, so you need to go beyond and prove that you are the better candidate! …

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Fail to Prepare = Prepare to Fail

Fail to Prepare = Prepare to Fail

The age old phrase is true, if you Fail to Prepare = Prepare to Fail, and that phrase definitely rings true when it comes to your first job interview. Other than a few part-time jobs in bars and shops while at University, the majority of students won’t have experienced a corporate interview environment. That is …

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