Women in Tech: We Need More of You

It’s no secret that women are extremely outnumbered in IT, science and engineering careers. This is extremely true in technological occupations such as programming and web design. The key question is: Why do women only hold 26 percent of all IT and computer related jobs? Are Women Exposed to Tech Jobs Adequately? In most cases, …

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Student Debt Levels Continue to Soar

Education is something that plays a pivotal role in establishing the prosperity of the country. For this very reason educational loans for students are running on a mass scale. However, debts for students have both positive and negative effects. Interest rates are static at the moment and most importantly governments do not always appear to …

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How to Find a New Career

While many individuals hope they can find their perfect job early in their careers, it is often a fact of life that you must change your career at one or more points. While this isn’t a bad thing, there can be some unproductive ways in which to go about changing your career. When Should I …

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Become an Academic Globetrotter!

In today’s globalized society, studying abroad has more significance than ever. The opportunity to study abroad is encouraged by more and more international educational institutions. Many universities offer reduced tuition in order to encourage international enrollment. Universities want to be as competitive as possible in the global market, so are always on the look out …

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Tips for Creating A Successful CV

The solid and effective preparation of your CV will greatly improve your chances of landing that dream role when you leave University. The statements you make in your CV should be positive, make a good impression (in a clear and positive way), but never overtly over the top or untruthful. What are the basic things …

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