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20 Apps to Accelerate Your Student Life

Everyone wants to have more time in their life to get things done, but we are all limited by the amount of time in a day, right? Well, yes, of course we are. But this doesn’t mean you can’t make better use of the time you have. This set of tools, apps, and extensions help you make the most of what you have available.

Google Docs and Dropbox allow for easy sharing and editing of files amongst a team, while Asana lets you assign and track tasks for individual members.

Rapportive gives you info on your contacts right in your inbox, while Signals lets you track analytics on email engagement and MOZbar gives you SEO information for the websites you visit.

Avid browsers will also enjoy Tab Resize, an extension to display your many browser windows simultaneously with ease. If you need help with your list of things to do, Clear and iOS Reminders get the job done right, while RescueTime helps you find the spaces where you can be more efficient and Strict Workflow helps to keep you on that schedule.

Communication can also be streamlined, with Skype filling your VOIP and IM needs, Awesome Screenshot allowing you to quickly take and share screenshots (with blurring for confidential bits), and Doxie scanners for easy digitization. In addition, certain users will appreciate the keychain app 1Password, JumpCut to allow a copy/paste history.

MeasureIt for pixel measurements, Colorzilla for RGB/CMYK values on chosen samples, or Keynote for presentations. For the truly brave among us, Topsy looks to find/predict trends using Twitter.

Regardless of your field of study, some of these many resources can help you improve your workflow. Look them up, and give a few a try. You might just find more time in your day than you thought.

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