Why You Should Always Follow Up After Any Interview

Interviews can be an exciting and unique opportunity for graduates and post grads looking to advance their career but there are things that you should and should not do after any interview to help your chances of getting the job you have applied for. Anticipation can be really stressful when trying to hear back from the company who just interviewed you and it is critical to follow any procedures that you need to, as perhaps laid out by the company.

So, you may be asking yourself, now that I am done with my interview, what should I do next to make sure that I get the job I’ve always wanted – should I follow up with the company that interviewed me?

Yes, towards the end of your interview, ask the person interviewing you on how you should follow up. Politely ask what the next steps are and a little more about their hiring process. Armed with this knowledge you will be able to identify the best times to call them for a follow up discussion. It is important not to call them too often or too soon, the last thing you want to do is pester you interviewer.

What if I follow up and they still have not got back to me yet?

So, now you have made your follow up, if you have not heard back from them within a week or so, it is not considered rude to do another follow up. You want to wait at least a week for every follow up (up to one month after the interview) because if you ask them everyday they will just upset. Remember, if you apply again at a different time in the future this can actually hurt your chances for future employment in this company, so go easy.

Why is the company still not getting a hold of me?

Sometimes you can have a great interview with someone and it will go way better than you expect it to go, and most people think that just because of that they are guaranteed a job. It is very important not to take for granted that you will get the job. If you have been waiting to hear back from your interviewer of the company and its been two or three times for your follow up, it may be better to try to find a job at another company. As much as you wanted the job – you have to face facts – they may already have someone else for this position. It is important not to rely on a single job opportunity and to open the doors to other new businesses and companies that can potentially hire you.

Landing your dream job may take some time and it is important to follow up with your interviewer of the company that you want to work for. Using the correct amount of follow up, and the timing of your follow ups, can be critical. In some cases it is best just to move on with the company and try to look elsewhere. You should always maximize your offer potential for a job by getting as many job interviews as you can.

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