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Holiday photos, ice bucket challenges and Candy Crush invitations need to step aside as Facebook is now one of the best places to find jobs!  That’s right, the Social Media platform and app that you are glued to every day could be the key to finding the perfect grad job and finally escaping student debt! Here are 6 tips that will help you get a grad job with Facebook!

Clean up your act

Chances are in your three (or more) studious years at University you probably went out from time to time, perhaps drank one too many drinks and maybe even donned some embarrassing fancy dress. Now is the time to have a Facebook clear up and delete / hide anything that you wouldn’t be happy for your new employer to see! Make sure your profile picture is relatively professional – you don’t need to be wearing at a suit pointing at a spreadsheet but make sure you aren’t holding two jägerbombs dressed up as a smurf! Make sure you list your University and course on here as well!

Get following

Most companies will have a page / presence on Facebook so make sure to like them. Not only will this demonstrate that you are a fan of what they do but it will deliver up to date news and vacancies right to your profile! If you see a job posted online you like the look of by a recruiter see if they have a Facebook page as well! Chances are they will have similar roles coming onto the market all the time so it will help you keep up to date of new vacancies!

Do your research

You can gain a lot of information by researching a company through their website but you can’t always tell what the company culture is like here. Facebook pages usually feature that extra insight including photos / videos of the staff in the office, work events, awards, competitions and more! In fact Facebook is probably one of the best ways for you to have a true glimpse into the company to see if it is somewhere you can see yourself working!

Engage with posts

If you find a company that interests you why not engage with the content they post by liking and commenting. It will put you on their radar quicker than applying for a job online along with 200 other graduates!

Connect with recruiters

Connecting with recruiters isn’t just for LinkedIn, many recruiters (including our Searchability bunch) have pages on Facebook just to find candidates, share industry news and post new vacancies!

Look out for promoted jobs

You can’t have all companies on your radar so keep an eye out for job adverts popping up in your news feed! Recruiters and companies will sponsor posts and use paid Facebook campaigns, targeting them at specific locations, interests and skills so the perfect job could even show up without you actively searching for it!


Sophie Heaton (Digital Campaign Manager)

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