The 10 stages of applying for your graduate job

You’ve spent at least three years grafting away on your course – as well as fitting in a few nights out and lie ins of course – all to collect that shiny degree of yours! Now you have it you are faced with the task of applying for your graduate job and setting sail on the path to career success. Here are a few of the stages you will face during the application process:


It feels like yesterday you were pulling all nighters, working yourself to the bone to perfect your dissertation and hand it in before the deadline hit! All of a sudden your deadlines aren’t so fixed, so when browsing for jobs online you will probably find yourself procrastinating of some sort. All of a sudden an hour has passed and all you’ve done is change your fantasy football team, browsed the sale items on Asos and shared funny dog videos on your friends Facebook.


Once you snap out of your procrastinating mood you will get a boost of sturdy determination forcing you to get applying! You will perfect your CV and carefully submit it to your favourite companies and begin to imagine yourself working there, mentally spending your first pay cheque!


You submit your CV and cover letter to a company only to be directed to an online application where you carefully need to provide the exact same information in individual text bosses, across 4 stages, all of which will tell you there is a missing field or incorrect information jolting you back to the previous page. The struggle is real.




Applications are hard for a reason; they are obviously weeding out the people that want the role from the people applying for everything and anything. Take a deep breathe and finish the application with care and attention.


“I applied for this role an hour ago why has nobody called to offer me the job yet?”


It’s unlikely that every company you will apply to will invite you to interview – try not to be disappointed and stay determined in applying for other roles.


Getting an interview request is an exciting moment! You are half way there to nailing the job interview and potentially get the role!


“What should I wear? What if I get lost? What if I don’t know the answer to a question? What if my interviewer is horrible???” – It’s normal to get anxious before an interview but try and channel this into excitement so you can nail the interview!


I’m not saying you will receive good news from your first interview, or even your second, there may be heartbreak along the way but if you stay determined and keep applying you will secure a role and believe me you will be over the moon!

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Sophie Heaton (Digital Campaign Manager)

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