The apps that you need for your final year at University

If you are a student in your final year of University, then your life is about to get very hectic! With dissertation deadlines coming close, exams creeping up on you and the student loan disappearing, life can feel pretty stressful! Luckily your smart phone can help you along the way! These 8 apps can help you through the last few months at University!


The UNiDAYS app gives students free instant access to discounts on loads of great brands – from fashion stores such as ASOS, Travel on Virgin Trains and your favourite High Street restaurants! Take the pressure off your student loan and enjoy some guilt free treats to get you through those stressed out days!


If the stress is really getting to you then a meditation app such as Headspace could help. The app will guide you through the essentials of meditation and mindfulness, helping you reduce stress and focus on your University work and exam studies too.

Job Search Apps

Sometimes it’s just that feeling of not knowing what is next that starts to get on top of you. If you are planning to head straight from University to a graduate job then consider downloading some of the top UK job search apps such as Indeed, Monster and Total Jobs to help you along the way. These apps will let you actively search for roles, set up job alerts and even upload your CV so that you can be contacted by companies and recruiters with relevant opportunities.


Make it easier to manage your finances with an app like Yolt, where you can see all of your UK accounts and credit cards together in one clear place. You’ll get insights into your spending history and be able to set budgets and track bills all in one place.


Need to make a presentation for a University project? Check out Keynote – the mobile friendly presentation app. This app is designed for use on iPad / iPhone, and is easy to use with effective features and design capability. You can collaborate with fellow students, back up to iCloud and share as PowerPoint or PDF.

Uber Eats

Whether you are too hungover from that student night out to leave the house, or too busy cramming to get out to the supermarket, Uber Eats can bring you food (such as McDonalds) straight to your door. It might not be the healthiest option, but the occasional fast food doesn’t hurt!


Start to improve your sleep with an app like Slumber. Not only will the app give you a gentle reminder of when to get your head down so that you can put down those books (or turn off Netflix), but it also features some great sleep meditations to help forget about those exam worries and allow you to drift off easily too.

Heads Up

All work and no play doesn't do anybody any good. Sometimes you just need to shelve your work and studies and have a bit of fun with your friends! The Heads Up app is a fun guessing game and it will not disappoint, trust us!

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