What's app with saving money

What’s App With Saving Money and the Environment ?

People caring about the environment hasn’t changed a ton. But the technology to do it has. There’s an app for everything, which means there are plenty of energy-saving apps out there that can help you measure, conserve and save.

Food is one of those things that it’s easy to waste when you have small portions and leftovers. The app “Love Food Hate Waste,” free on both iOS and Android, can help you find healthy and creative leftover solutions. Another great app is “My Planet,” free on Android, which measures an individuals carbon footprint. You input how you are using energy, the app gives tips and measures how big of an impact you have. Everyone is looking to save money at the pump, which makes the “WhatGas” app (free for both iOS and Android) a good add. It shows you which petrol stations near you are the cheapest and allows the user to share information as well.

We all are hoping to save both time and energy, which is why finding the right app to help you do it can be crucial. There are plenty of apps out there, so find the right ones, use them on a regular basis and make a big impact on the environment and your pocketbook immediately.

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