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Leverage Social Media to get that job

There has been a step change recently in the way graduates are engaging on the various Social Media platforms. When Social Media first came to prominence their engagement was primarily social and consisted of posting and exchanging updates, pictures etc with friends and relatives. Nowadays web savvy graduates are busy brand building, tailoring their profiles, and building networks …

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personal branding

How to Master Personal Branding

What do Martha Stewart, Oprah, and Beyoncé have in common? They are acknowledged as experts in their respective fields. You can be too, even if you are not a celebrity, by developing a strong personal brand for your web presence. Starting is simple; answer these three questions. In what field am I an expert? Where …

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stealing data

Data Privacy !!! Social Media companies taking and selling your data?

With the recent surge of startup SM companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat capitalizing on people’s personal information through social media, the discussion of privacy and just what exactly is acceptable, needs to come into focus. There are  hundreds of companies springing up to suck up your data like a vacuum cleaner and find some …

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