How to attract millennials to your workplace

Negative Perception of Millennials? Here’s Why You Need Them in your Workforce!

When you think of the word ‘Millennial’, what pops into you head? For many, negative descriptions such as egotistic, demanding and lazy come to mind. However, this is a built-up stereotype that’s created undesirable perceptions of the younger generation, especially when concerning the world of work! Many opinions have been formed by following the crowd …

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choosing when you interview

Choosing when you interview.

The reason to choose your time. When you successfully gain an interview for a job position you quite often are able to schedule your interview yourself working within a short timeline, usually a day, sometimes longer, a few days, a week etc. Obviously you might also be told when to present yourself in which case …

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Handling Headhunters

A phone call from a headhunter may be an exciting experience for many professionals. When the phone rings, the candidate may be wondering if this is a viable or realistic offer. Understanding the reason for a  headhunters  call can go a long way to answering that question. First, a headhunter contacts an individual to determine the …

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