Five Times Tech has made us Lazy

If I was to ask the room how many of you could live without Google I’m pretty sure you’d all be silent. I mean, that would involve having to actually think about things! I remember when I was younger and I had to have to memorise my friend’s house numbers or we would have to check in the paper to see what was on telly and set the tape recorder. Ok now I feel old.

There’s no question about it, technology is amazing and it’s getting smarter by the day. Sure we all have smartphones now and can access Wi-Fi when we’re above 30,000 feet but technology is all around us and unfortunately this has made things a little too convenient. We have become a generation of plain laziness. Sooner or later we will end up like this…

Technology has evolved to accommodate our every need and if selected correctly you might find getting out of bed to go to work will no longer be necessary. Here is a list of some of the top culprits that’s making us such a lazy generation.

Netflix and Chill Tonight?

2010 was the year we all discovered our inner hermit. Netflix began streaming to over 190 countries and allowed us to watch some of the ‘latest films’ released over two years ago. But what did this mean? Well it meant finally getting round to watching Final Destination 5 and saving your cash by staying in watching the complete box set of House of Cards.

Food Delivery Apps

It’s the ultimate collaboration for a night in – Netflix and Cooking can be a bit of an effort and if you’re no good at it there’s only so many times you can make beans on toast. Takeaway apps have made it quick and simple to have your Friday night fix or mid morning hangover cure. But this isn’t necessarily making us a fatter nation. Yes the majority of it is chips and spring rolls but there are a growing number of healthy takeaways popping up. Guilt-free takeaways do exist and something tells me this might become more than a once a week thing.

Just ask Google

He’s our go to guy for random facts and finding out the ages of our favourite celebrities. From ‘What’s the weather like today?’ to ‘How do you Twerk?’ our google search history can reveal rather a lot about ourselves. On average Google processes over 400,000 searches every second and 1.2 trillion per year. Nowadays, before you’ve even got chance to start up your brain and begin think someone has already got out their phone to ask Google.

Shopping Online

So pretty much every aspect of our lives have been computerised, so it’s not surprising that shopping has followed suit as well. Ecommerce is a massive industry and continues to grow as technology advances. The next big development for retail will be virtual reality. Big retail leaders have plans to push this new technology so people can get the virtual shopping experience as we know it but without moving off your sofa.

Online Hangouts

Again, I feel old saying it but – I remember when you had to go and knock on your friends front door to ask if they wanted to come out or having to actually plan an exact time and place to meet someone but if something came up you wouldn’t have a mobile to tell them. There is now a variety of ways to stay connected with online gaming hang outs and group chats on Facebook Messenger. Not only in terms of friendship but also in the dating scene as well. When you think of finding your next fling physically going out and finding someone seems way too much effort with the majority of us now turning to online dating apps instead.

Who know’s what’s in stall next for the tech world but, my guess is it will be something else to give us that extra ease in our day to day lives.

Rachael Roberts – Digital Campaign Coordinator, Searchability

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