How To Protect Your Online Reputation

With the ever growing increased usage of social media across all aspects of our society come many issues and risks that were not even dreamed about even five years ago. Personal information, images and details that were once difficult for any individual to acquire are now free and simple to find, in some cases, just by searching in Google or scanning across social media. This quite rightly raises all sorts of concerns about the topic of privacy and protecting your personal online reputation, especially on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

First of all, what can an individual do to protect their information online?

Thanks to our nation’s obsession with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and the like, more people than ever are putting large quantities of personal information freely on the internet. So, for example, someone might have issues with seeing old Google search results revealing past legal issues when an employer searches on their name, or perhaps even inappropriate images linked to any one of numerous social media sites.

Enter the emergence of the Online Reputation Manger they are here to make sure that only the most flattering of images and information makes it to the front page(s) of a Google search. These new-age professionals are the equivalent of a PR manager for your social media and internet presence.

Do they erase negative information about people online for money?

Reputation Managers do not claim to erase negative or unflattering information (it is rather difficult to do in many cases). Rather, they generate positive imagery and good feedback and try to get this to the top of a Google search – containing this information. Some companies do claim to delete disputed items online, but the legalities surrounding a lot of this type of information are still very much grey areas.

Is hiring an online reputation manager expensive?

You should be very pro-active regarding sourcing a reputable online reputation manager, either for individuals or businesses. You should look at past testimonials and gain a good level of background on past successes since this will be more effective for you and will also save you a lot of money in the long run. While reputation manager’s do their best to repair situations for clients, it can end up being quite costly.

Overall, it is important for us all to take control of our online reputation starting today, before someone else does. Your Online Reputation will have a huge positive impact if managed properly.

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