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Plan for Interview Success

So you have a big interview coming up and you want to be sure you stand out from the rest of the candidates? What you are looking for is interview success and a step up your career ladder. When you go into to a job interview one of the best things you can do is …

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don't give up

If You Fail Don’t Give Up

After a job setback the only way for you to go is forward, with positivity. Everyone fails from time to time. If you don’t put yourself in position to possibly fail then you aren’t putting yourself in position to enjoy great success either. As Wayne Gretzky used to say “you can’t score if you don’t shoot.” …

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Handling Headhunters

A phone call from a headhunter may be an exciting experience for many professionals. When the phone rings, the candidate may be wondering if this is a viable or realistic offer. Understanding the reason for a  headhunters  call can go a long way to answering that question. First, a headhunter contacts an individual to determine the …

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Increase in IT company hiring.

After the last few years, the lack of jobs for college students may finally be taking a turn for the better. Information technology companies have returned to college campuses to hire new employees seeking the lower cost to their companies that the newcomers to the industry provide. Companies like Tata Consultancy Services and Infosys have …

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