How to Secure a Graduate Job

So you’re now a graduate – welcome to the club! You no longer have to worry about meeting coursework deadlines, you don’t have to study for exams and you don’t need to worry about having to budget! However, you now know that you can’t start the victory parade yet, you need to get a job. …

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So you want to Telecommute?

To telecommute  is officially defined as doing formal work whilst being at home. Being able to telecommute on the face of it appears to be everything a working person wants to be offered but beware there are a number of pitfalls that you have to overcome in order for you to become successful at it. To …

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leverage your social media

Leverage Social Media to get that job

There has been a step change recently in the way graduates are engaging on the various Social Media platforms. When Social Media first came to prominence their engagement was primarily social and consisted of posting and exchanging updates, pictures etc with friends and relatives. Nowadays web savvy graduates are busy brand building, tailoring their profiles, and building networks …

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