The Birds Flock Together: How To Gain Twitter Followers

In today’s socially connected world, it is important to have a large professional social presence on the internet. One way to do this is to have a substantial amount of Twitter followers to help get your message across. Below are some tips and tricks to help raise the number of Twitter followers you currently have.

What are some ways to encourage more Twitter followers?

There are a lot of things that you can do to try to increase your number of Twitter followers. First of all, you need to be yourself. The message that you send our through your twitter feed needs to be engaging but also genuine. You also must know your audience and try to provide them with specific content they might want. Try not to overwhelm their feed, but become a part of their community and you’ll become part of the conversation.

Should you post original content or retweet to gain followers?

There should be a good balance between posting your own original content and simply just retweeting others or sharing articles. Creating your own content does give your followers a good sense of who you are how you feel about certain topics. However, if you share certain Twitter user’s information, they are likely to follow you and open up their followers to your new content. You need to strike a happy balance between the two.

What are some resources that you can use to help gain Twitter followers?

There are a lot of resources our there to help you gain more followers. TweetDeck and Buffer app are resources that help you control the flow of your tweets and to space them out throughout the day. There are also different services like that will help you get more twitter followers as well.

Overall make sure that you: stay true to yourself, provide a good mix of original content and shared information, and you use resources to help when needed. Having a large social presence online can greatly help you or your company, so try out some of these tips today.

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