Are you discrediting yourself in the workplace?

Today it is very easy to be under appreciated being a woman or even a man in the work place. One may even be way over qualified for your position but is being passed over due to the clothing choices you are making or the way you are handling yourself.

How can a person fix clothing errors?

Well I would definitely make sure that I looked in the mirror everyday before I left. Doing this usually works. Make sure nothing is above that knee and that “v” neck isn’t a “V” neck (for you ladies).

For men make sure those sleeves are the right length. If your clothes fit this helps to fix most errors. Who really takes a man or woman in an over/under sized suit giving a presentation seriously?

Why did my new client sneeze and whisper to my boss?

Well this one is easy – you should not wear strong perfume in the work place. A lot of people are allergic to colognes and perfumes and if one needs to be worn, then it should be mild and barely there. People should not smell you getting off the elevator, if you know what I mean. So next time you’re in Sacks or John Lewis’ just ask someone to help you pick a mild cologne or perfume – there are many really good ones to choose from.

When is it a good idea to where bling and facial hair?

It is never OK to wear gaudy jewelry, or jewelry that makes any kind of noise what-so-ever. Anything tasteful is OK. Now facial hair is most likely a ‘no’ for the work place, but if you must lets do a nice neat well kept mustache, beard or super trimmed stubble. You probably want to stay away from the goatee – that’s do or die.

I hope these tips help give a little insight to those in need of some proper work appearance. It is always good to remember that a little effort goes a long way!

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