Framing your Career History as a Story

Lots of people have work history and career experience. This might be on your resume and laid out there for employers to see. The problem is this just might not be that interesting. If you can tell this in a story with some additional details that aren’t on your resume, interviewers will appreciate the candor and fresh approach.

How do I get myself ready for my next job interview?

With any interview, being prepared and practicing is always a good idea. Make sure to review your resume so you are ready to get in to any details that interviewers might specifically ask you about. More commonly, you will get a question such as, “Tell us about yourself”, or “What is your job history?” This is where you you can either bore your audience, or you can really shine.

How do frame my career history and tell my story to set myself apart?

Interviewers and recruiters meet with many applicants and sort through so many resumes that frankly, the might be a little bored. Anything you can do to spice up your story will captivate your audience. Be sure to frame your career history in a way that tells a story, and shows a little bit more about you.

What if my career path isn’t very interesting let alone captivating?

You need to be genuine and perhaps look for a fresh take or a new angle on your story. Interviewers are looking for a connection, and by framing your experience as a story, you will come across as honest, a little humble and maybe even entertaining.

Recruiters are much more likely to remember you if you put a fresh spin on who you are and what you’ve done. By charging up the interview process with your story, they will remember you in a positive and human light, which can make you stand out from the rest.

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