University Dining at its Best: Preparation’s the Key

When you think college food you are probably thinking Pot Noodles and other quick and easy meals, but, believe it or not, students really can eat well. It’s all in the preparation and budgeting.

Why do students need to find cost effective but tasty recipes and plan meals?

Planning meals is a good way to make sure your food lasts the whole week. If you do a little research you can find lots of simple and quick recipes for college students. After you pick a couple of good recipes, make a list of the key ingredients you will need.

What would be the benefit to having a budget for your University expenses?

Planning and sticking to a budget is the best way to make sure you will have enough money to eat and go out. Once you know how much you have to spend then you can create a shopping list using items from the recipes you’ve picked out.

Is there really a reason to waste time writing up a weekly grocery shopping list?

A shopping list is a great way to not overspend. Use the list of items you made up from all of your recipes. Then make sure you check your weekly grocery flyers to see if they have any of the items you need on sale. Coupon clipping can also help with costs, especially in combination with an in store sale.

So University dining doesn’t have to be bland and boring. With a little creativity and planning you don’t have to eat Pot Noodles every night.

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