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Is Getting A Degree Still Worth It ?

In today’s job market it’s quite easy for students to hardly see a time where all the effort and hard work that’s involved in gaining a University degree will eventually pay off. The economy, especially the UK economy is gradually improving and there are many new vacancies and job opportunities opening up for those that have left University and those who are expected to graduate this year.

Why is this important?

This is important because this shows us that the UK market is not only growing with numbers, but with confidence. The market is becoming more wealthy and new opportunities are arising every day. This is both good news for those who have graduated and those who have left school. In fact, this is great news for everyone, since when the markets are stringer, everyone benefits, but most importantly the newer graduates will benefit the most.

What does this mean for Graduates today?

Typically, this means that companies are growing and moving in a slightly different direction. They are looking to create jobs and positions for all sorts of roles – ranging from apprenticeships to higher positions that require professional qualifications. This is wonderful news for students – real job opportunities are on the rise, which bodes well for the global economy as well.

How can students move forward from here?

With an influx of new job opportunities, especially in IT, technology and digital media, we can continue to see unemployment rate drop and expect that higher education degrees will gain increased value over time. This is great for both students and those that previously attended university.

All in all, the economy in the UK market is changing for the better at long last. Exciting new opportunities await those that have left University and those that expect to graduate soon. Against this backdrop of good news and increased expectations, it is down to each individuals aptitude, experience and determination to really move forwards and be successful.

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