So Much to Do, Not Enough Time – Productivity Apps for Students

It can sometimes be difficult to focus as a University student especially with the huge amount of distractions the Internet has to offer. If you’re not careful, it can sometimes feel like hardly any meaningful work is getting done at all. There are a number of productivity applications online that can help you maximize the effectiveness of your time.

What are Site Blockers?

As the name implies, a site blocker is an add-on or extension that will temporarily stop communication between the computer and specified websites that can be time consuming, notably social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This can really help you to focus on your work or at least what you should be doing offline in the real world. Site blockers exist across many different browsers, such as Nanny for Google Chrome and LeechBlock for Mozilla Firefox.

Is there any help for procrastinators?

Thankfully, yes. Applications such as Do It (Tomorrow) exist that offer the option to bump assignments or allocated time for a project to the next day, but not any further. This can make the procrastinator realize just how much they put off their assignments and help them actually start on projects. Take a stroll around your favourite App Store using search terms like “productivity” or “projects” and you will quickly find a myriad of viable apps that can get you more organised.

What Apps are Useful for studying and research?

Academic establishments globally are increasingly beginning to use applications to extend the reach of knowledge. Many libraries have taken advantage of Library Anywhere, a mobile app that allows users to search through library databases. This can be extremely useful for the stressed out student on the go – with tight deadlines to meet.

While most productivity apps are based around stopping students from committing behaviors that can stop them from doing their work, others are designed to make research, studying and real work much easier. Every student should research the best productivity apps for them to maximize their potential as a student afterall, Apps are just at your fingertips via mobile and tablets, so there’s really no excuse for saying, “there’s not enough time”, since everyone has 168 hours a week.

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