10 Must Have Apps and Software Tools For Productive Meetings

In this digital world, productivity is a very important aspect for each and every business, especially those who rely on remote and virtual office structures. For both, ongoing connectivity is critical. Any manager, worth their salt, would hate to miss an important conference call or respond to an inbound lead email quickly enough. So in this scenario, technology comes to the aid of all of us – for fast, effective and reliable real-time communications and connectivity and system integration.

Based on in depth research and analysis with a panel of entrepreneurs, Scott Gerber has come up with the top 12 preferred software applications and tools which help businesses and SMEs stay organized and empower them to become effective collaborators with their teams.

The list is topped by Minitmeet.com which offers an all together different end user experience including producing meeting minutes, followed by Speek which is an important collaboration tool for managing remote teams and for conference calls. Other conferencing software which made an impact were Infinite Conferencing, Timer+, GoToMeeting, Join.me, Google Drive, Google+ Hangouts, Cage and the all familiar Skype.

These Software solutions or Apps come highly recommended since they are already used by industry experts to help them leverage their team meetings and overall communication strategy. Find out which is effective for your organization and stay ahead…

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