emotional struggles when you first start University

20 emotional struggles when you first start University

Are you about to start your freshers year at University? Read these 20 emotional struggles when you first start University…

  1. A-Level results are finally here! All that hard work is over I can’t wait to start University!
  2. What do you mean I didn’t get into my top choice University? I got 3 B’s and I volunteered for Charity?!
  3. FINE I’ll go with my second choice then.
  4. I can’t wait to live in Halls and get some freedom away from home!
  5. What do you mean the halls don’t have cleaners?
  6. How am I going to do my washing?
  7. Never mind I’ll have a student loan AND discount, I can buy new clothes!
  8. I hope my housemates aren’t weird.
  9. Or messy.
  10. Or going to steal my baked beans?
  11. Maybe I could stay at home and go to University?
  12. NO! It will be fine!
  13. Student loan arrives – I’m RICH!
  14. I can’t wait for Fresher’s week I’m going to go out every night!
  15. 2-4-1 shots? Obviously!
  16. Day 2 Fresher’s week: Oh my god my head…
  17. This campus is huge – how on earth will I find my lecture?
  18. Start of first Lecture: This is great I could sleep in here and nobody would know!
  19. Middle of first Lecture: Why is everyone writing notes? Should I be writing notes? Where is my pen?!
  20. End of first Lecture: Maybe coming here hungover was a bad idea…

Sophie Heaton (Digital Campaign Manager)

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