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3 Tips for LinkedIn Outreach Success

We have all been there browsing LinkedIn and coming across someone you greatly admire and look up to.You want to message this person but not come off as too desperate or even a stalker. Here are some simple tips on LinkedIn outreach success, explaining how to break the ice and expand your network on LinkedIn. Try asking yourself these simple questions before jumping in and messaging your role model.

Does your role model work in the same field as you?

If he does make sure to include this in your message. You will most likely get a response from someone if you are admiring his work and you both share the same field.

Does this person live near you?

If you are just looking for advice on a topic this may not matter as much. But if you are looking for a deeper connection and a possible meeting with this person make sure they don’t live on the other side of the country.

What are you seeking out of this relationship?

If it’s just to get general knowledge and advice be clear about it in your message. Tell the person you admire his or her work and you have some questions regarding the matter. If you are looking for something more be blunt. Ask the person if they would like to meet for coffee and discuss future idea’s. Remember he is on LinkedIn for the same reason you are.

Remember to ask yourself these 3 questions the next time you see somebody you admire on LinkedIn. With these tips you could find yourself on the fast track to success.

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