4 Ways to Enjoy Summer While Stuck Looking for a Job

Well, it’s been one long wait but the British sunshine has finally arrived! So time to grab some shades and head down to the nearest pub, right? Wrong – you need to stay in and look for a grad job. Oh yeah…that.

When you become a graduate everything tends to get a little bit serious. The realisation begins to set in that you’ve spent the last of your loan, the count down has begun to pay off your free overdraft and the expiry date on your student card has expired. When did I become an adult all of a sudden?

So what do you do – follow the heard of graduates and embark on the magical journey of job hunting. Hooray! But as the days lengthen and the heat cranks up this is probably the last thing you want to be doing. This is the time for great British BBQs and sipping Pimms in the sunshine.

Well don’t throw down your flip flops just yet; we’ve come up with a few ways for you to still enjoy the weather while keeping your eye on the job boards.

Do some outdoor volunteering

Possibly one of the best ways to boost your CV above others, bar experience, is to volunteer. Standing out from the crowd is the ultimate challenge in today’s job market and not many realise the impact volunteering can have.  You can even use it as experience if you manage to find work in the industry you want to get into.

Blog while getting a sun tan

We’ve written before about the benefits of social media  job hunting – but writing content is also a great way to connect with like-minded individuals and network with possible employers. Hire ac repair indianapolis to check your room’s AC to be cool all summer while blogging. You may also consider hiring a team of experts like rochester ac repair contractors to service your hvac unit. If you need air conditioning maintenance in Ontario, CA, then make sure to contact the professionals in your area. Regular air conditioning repair service must be done annually to avoid mechanical breakdowns and maintain your ac unit’s energy efficiency. If you are passionate enough about what you want to do, writing about it can add to your personal brand.

Play some sports

Talking about your interests and extra-curricula activities can be slightly embarrassing at times but your CV is going to be read by people who have no insight into the kind of person you are. So talking about your favorite sports which may require products like that bushnell launch monitor may actually showcase a part of your personality that can put you in a good spot.

While you are thinking of pursuing into sports, you might as well seek inspiration and motivation, you can easily check put online about john daly career earnings and how he achieve success through sports.

So if you don’t have any hobbies you might as well make the most of the sun and add some personality to your CV by playing a few sports like that on 겜블시티 가입 방법.

Plan an internship aboard

British weather can be a bit unpredictable so if it starts to go a bit grey you can always get experience in a different country. There are lots of different internships and voluntary programmes which you can get involved in to give you the experience you need. Read here for the best aboard placements.

Job hunting doesn’t have to put your summer plans on hold just make sure to improve your personal brand and make yourself look employable while doing it.

Rachael Roberts – Digital Campaign Coordinator, Searchability

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