going to university as a mature student

Afraid of going to University as a mature student ?

No one should be afraid of going to University as a mature student, in fact, around a quarter of the UK’s full time undergraduate students are in the same boat as you. The fear of returning to higher level education and University in particular is actually very common and comes in a variety of forms. Although these fears are to be taken seriously, actually going into University or college at an older age may actually even benefit the student.

As a potential mature student you may ask: “How will I ever have the time to study while working and spending time with my family?”

Considering that a quarter of undergraduate entrants are considered “mature students,” most universities are used to being flexible with them. Many Universities will even remind students to keep an on-going discussion with members of the staff in order to let them know the student’s current situation.

Here is a second question that weighs heavy on the mind of the potential mature student: “How could I possibly relate to these younger students with all of the generational differences?”

There are organizations set up by the University in order for students of all ages with similar interests to become acquainted. In addition to that, many younger students understand that the life experience of the elder is useful knowledge or wisdom.

One might also ask, “How could it actually work to your advantage to be a mature student?”

Since an older student more than likely has real world experience, he/she will understand how much of the material relates to the real world in ways that are less likely to be understood by youngsters. Even the experience that a more mature student has taken for granted his or her whole life could come into play: having to wake up and actually be aware during the early hours of the morning for his/her job.

So don’t let missing out on University or college the first time around scare you away from getting an education. Overcome the work, education and learning fears and use your life’s experience thus far – to your advantage. You simply can enroll for University!

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