Are You Being Assertive Enough At Universtity?

There is a growing issue that is being noticed by recruiters and employers recently concerning many students. They are being pointed out as not being assertive enough. This is especially true for the age groups of 21-25 when they first arrive into new posts. This may come as a surprise to some, as to others it may not. The very nature of this issue raises a few key questions.

Who is holding students back from being assertive?

It seems that many students feel they are “thrown into the mix” so to speak. Universities tend to teach students information at a rate that some struggle to keep up with. As they struggle to process this information, as well as retain it, some do get left behind. Being more assertive in situations such as this is key to being successful as a student.

Instead of allowing a professor to continue with a lesson that you do not understand, one must pause the lecture and actually pose questions to assist with your understanding. Once answered, the professor would be free to continue his or her lecture and the student may once again continue learning, hopefully with their questions having been answered correctly and the appropriate knowledge being reinforced.

What exactly do students want?

Another very good question that runs through the minds of not only those at the universities whom are actually involved in the progress and development of a student, but also the business whom will eventually employ these students. It may seem to many that this question is, in all sense of the word, irrelevant…however it is not. The students are the ones whom are completing the university tracks. The students are also the ones who pay for the universities to teach them this information. The students are also the one’s whom will eventually work for the companies seeking this information.

This is why students need to take a step back and look at what exactly they are trying to accomplish. Are they taking measures merely to please others i.e. Are they merely trying to please their professors or companies they are trying to work for?

What they really need to do is listen to themselves, and ask themselves what THEY want. Employer’s tend to hire those that are confident in their own abilities, and the first step towards accomplishing (true) confidence in yourself is to test oneself.

As a student find out for yourself what you want out of your university and your future companies that you would like to work for. Being assertive is the first step in building confidence in oneself, and the first step to getting your universities and professors to work with you and help you on these issues is actually quite simple: Just ask!

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