student accommodation costs are rising

As tuition costs rise – so does the rent!

As the cost of tuition continually increases, a recent study of 80 universities has found that the average cost of university housing has also increased by a staggering 11% over the last three years. Of those who responded, Universities who had little to no change in the cost of housing already had established themselves as on the higher end of the cost scale.

Conversely, while some of those questioned responded that the increase in price was due to food being included in the cost, others like the Queen Mary University London were satisfied with just comparing their new higher rates to comparable housing prices in the area.

Regardless of reason though, the gap in the cost of living on campus from various universities is now starting to close. This is evident when comparing the high cost of St George’s, University of London minimum charge of £5,500, to the University of Bradford which had the lowest rent at £3,906.

A major problem facing students today is the issue that most of the housing costs are not covered by student loans. This means that as rates go up, students must work harder on ensuring basic housing needs are met, as opposed to focusing on advancing their education. Only time will tell if this growing cost will have an impact on the academic success of students.

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