How to Beat Oxford’s Daunting Interviews

While Oxford is well recognized as perhaps one of the most prestigious university in Britain, it also has a well-documented reputation for having some of the hardest interview procedures out of all universities.

What Are the Oxford Interview Questions Like?

The questions presented to Oxford hopefuls vary depending on the area of study they hope to join. For instance, a liberal arts subject, such as philosophy or politics, may have a question that asks to distinguish differences in meaning between three synonyms, while a science subject may ask about the abilities and tendencies of organisms. They are all well documented as being tough and are designed to bring out the best in applicants.

How Can I Prepare For These Interview Questions?

Thankfully, Oxford has released a set of sample questions for each subject, including history, psychology, biological sciences, politics and economics. While they aren’t exactly the questions one may find in the interview, they are certainly a valuable resource to tend to when preparing for these interviews. If you’re applying ensure that you get hold of a copy of these sample interview questions in advance. Use them to think through the style and format of your answers.

What Qualities Should I Demonstrate During the Interview?

Admissions specialists at Oxford have outlined two keys tenants that interviewees should demonstrate in their responses. First, they should demonstrate the ability to think critically about a problem, not necessarily to offer an immediate answer or solution. Secondly, individuals should be able to adequately demonstrate their knowledge or passion about a particular subject.

Even though the questions to enter classes at the University of Oxford can be challenging, they do not have a specific rubric. When interviewees prepare beforehand, demonstrate what they know about a topic, and think critically about the questions they are presented, they should be able to ace the interview with ease.

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