Evernote is a win for University Students

As a student, there are many tools and apps available to help you get organised and streamline the learning process. Evernote is one of many, but has gained mind-share and become increasingly popular with University students over recent years. Evernote wants to be your second brain to help you never forget by always safely storing what information and resources matter most to you. Some questions below highlight the merits of Evernote:

What is Evernote all about?

Evernote is an information organizer, but so much more. It can store, calendar, scan, update and distribute any web page, article, text and images that you need. Evernote is also a collaboration tool. If you have a need that revolves around your University life and studies, Evernote is there to help.

What makes Evernote a better organizer?

– If there are site and posts you need up to date information on, Evernote can notify you when they are updated, to keep you in the know and up to speed on topics that are important to you.

– Scanning notes that are searchable, so you can keep everything in the same place. You can also input your schedule and deadlines, lined up with coursework in the same place. This keeps you on top of coursework but also saves this time for more important things, like actually learning, and experiencing everything college has to offer.

Is Evernote only for University?

– No. One can organize other aspects of their life and college experience as well, such as deals around town, restaurant pics and organizing social activities so you don’t have to waste your time.

University is supposed to be hard but Evernote can help. With its in-built set of rich features and expanding apps market for extras and bolt-ons, it really is a must have App. Working smarter with help give you the time to become even smarter!

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