Greater use of Facebook for Jobs and Recruitment

The word “Facebook” brings to mind images of babies and little cats and dogs being shared by millions of people around the world. However Facebook can also be used to recruit people for companies and that is exactly what Fredrik Tukk, who is the head of marketing, communication and branding for the company Maersk Drilling, is doing. Maersk Drilling has prided itself on their usual recruitment techniques, which is putting out new recruitment websites which has proved successful in the past.. But Fredrik Tukk knew this method wasn’t reaching people nearly fast enough  as they needed 3,000 new starters in their drilling business.

So Tukk went to work. He created a Facebook page for Maersk Drilling, and explained what their company was about and why people would want to work there. He also greatly advertised and pushed the page and told everyone he could about it, through Facebook. Friends and family alike all knew about his company and the fact it was recruiting. He basically said that Facebook is a great word-of-mouth tool and that is exactly what happened as recruits started applying for roles through their HR department in no time. However, he met a lot of resistance before being able to implement this for the company as his chief executive had told him “No” on multiple occasions, until he finally got the okay to go ahead and do what he wanted to do.

And it worked out great for the company. They had their 3,000 employees in a few months, and made a profit of three-point-eight billion dollars in 2013. The company’s chief executive was extremely surprised by the outcome of this, and he was extremely happy with what he has done for the company. Social media does have its place, but if you know how to use it like he did, it’s a great way to improvise a great solution for his companies problem.


So for all you graduate job seekers out there although Linkedin is still the premier recruitment Social Media site keep an eye on Facebook in this sector.

Quent Bendele

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