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How To Improve Your Linkedln Profile Summary

Future Employers read many Linkedln summaries so you want to make yours stand out. It’s okay to break a few rules and stay professional, it makes you look different. These tips will help you to improve your LinkedIn profile summary.

Can you engage your audience via LinkedIn?

The person that reads your profile needs to feel drawn in. There is a chance that they read many of these summaries so one that stands out is important. You want to be professional but you don’t have to be boring. Make your story interesting so that your future employer is interested in what you have to say. Also re-read what you wrote and think, “Can I word this better”?

Who is your audience?

Your Linkedln summary should be geared more so towards the people you care most about. Think about how you can gravitate the reader. Bring your future employer into your summary and keep them engaged. When you are specific to your audience, they are more incline to stay focused on your summary. Try to think about what your audience wants to learn from you. Keep them in mind before you write anything else down.

What are your career and work goals?

Don’t limit yourself in the summary section. You want to explain who you are in an interesting and engaging manner but you also want to tell your future employers what you want to accomplish. Your future employers would be pleased to see what your goals. It tells them a little more about who you are. Future employers will pick up your determination and admire you.

As you can see, to improve your LinkedIn profile summary does not really take much effort. It is important to appeal to future employers and engage them in a professional manner. By making your profile summary creative, addressing your audience and stating your goals, you will help to set yourself apart.

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