How to Stand Out from the Crowd in the Job Hunt

How to Stand Out from the Crowd in the Job Hunt

Looking for a job isn’t always a simple process; they don’t call it a ‘hunt’ for nothing! Imagine how long it can take to find a vacancy that interests you, and then imagine just how many other graduates are also gunning for the position. Even getting an interview can be difficult in the competitive job market so it is important to get noticed in the application stage. Here are some examples on How to Stand Out from the Crowd in the Job Hunt.

Get Creative

Hiring managers might receive hundreds of CV’s, usually made in Microsoft Word, Arial or Times New Roman, Font size 10-12. After a while the CV’s will blur together in a mix of similar skills and backgrounds so it is no wonder some applicants never hear back. Why not get creative with your application and make something that really stands out! You could make a 3D resume or a branded box full of objects with snippets of information from your CV! One candidate hired a billboard opposite the company’s office and used it to advertise himself! Why not appeal to their sweet tooth and brand some confectionery with your CV? There are so many exciting options so my advice is to make it as relevant to the job role and company as possible!

Make a Video CV

Ever had a conversation along the lines of: “Have you read the latest Harry Potter Book?” to have the reply “No but I’ve seen the film”. With our busy schedules and ever evolving media it is no wonder people are turning to video content to get noticed! Before you make a video CV remember these key tips: Don’t just read out your CV, get creative with your editing and display text headers and imagery to show your past work! Focus on your skills and give the employer a reason why they should hire you! Whilst this is a more fun version of the traditional CV try and keep it professional and dress appropriately. Lastly try and keep it to 1-2 minutes long!

Social Media

Don’t just stick to the job boards; take to social media to find your next job! Firstly you’ll need to make sure you have profiles set up on the main channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+) – they should be relatively professional with no illicit content / embarrassing drunken photos of yourself! Make sure you follow the companies you are interested in so you can keep up to date of any new opportunities. If you do see any roles of interest, engage with the company by liking / retweeting the post etc. Don’t forget you can also search for job roles with hashtags on these platforms so remember to try this as well!

Get Old School

In the digital age it is easy to think you have to do something cutting edge and innovative to get noticed. While that can be true to an extent don’t forget the old school recruiting tool – the telephone! Getting noticed can sometimes be as simple as contacting the recruiter / hiring manager over the phone rather than submitting an online application only! The best thing about this is it is quick, easy and cheap (unless you’re applying for a job overseas!) and it gives you a chance to show your personality and confidence!


OK so you’ve done all of the above and you have managed to bag yourself that all important interview – you don’t want to fall flat after impressing everyone at the initial stage! One easy way to do this is by bringing along a well-designed portfolio of your work. Visual examples act as a fantastic memory aid for when you are asked to talk through your previous experience so it will help you keep talking throughout the interview! It should help you be more memorable to the employer as well! Here’s a few tips to remember when making your portfolio: Start with a contents so you can skip to certain sections if the interviewer is leading in a different order to how you have laid this out. Make sure you have a copy of your CV in here as well as a stand out page highlighting your skills. Provide some eye-catching examples of your work as well as testimonials from previous tutors / employers and don’t forget to list your qualifications and accomplishments! Your portfolio should have a consistent look and feel throughout so stick to the same formatting, text and materials throughout.

So there you have it! 5 top tips on How to Stand Out from the Crowd in the Job Hunt! Try some of these in your application process and you should get the edge over your fellow graduate!

Sophie Heaton (Digital Campaign Manager)


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