How To Impress Employers Through Social Media

It is no secret that in the 21st century employers use social media to find out more information about potential hires. Therefore, having consistent and productive social media profiles can increase your chances of landing a job or getting a promotion. These are some things that can help you stand out (in a good way) to employers and colleagues.

How important is grammar in a social media profile?

Extremely. This day and age has caused us to adapt to what I like to call “text shorthand” which is when people substitute words like “u” for “you” or “luv” for “love” and so on. It may be fine for personal messages, but if it is something any of your business constituents could see, then grammar should be pristine. Poor grammar is a reflection of the type of person you are and you don’t want to give the wrong impression.

What kind of activity makes a social media profile look good?

For starters, make sure your personality comes through your profile. It should not be boring or “standard”. It should be intriguing and stand out from other profiles. It also helps to have many connections throughout your profile. It shows you have sensible diversity and are active in more than one facet of your life. This can be used to reinforce the idea of you being an accountable and trustworthy person.

How can you show employers what you have done instead of just claiming to have done something?

Show them. Post your achievements while holding other positions and make sure to be thorough and detailed. Claiming to be productive while showing evidence is a surefire way to gain the attention of employers and colleagues and it gives you solid credibility.

Social media can be used positively to present the right impression of you online. You should take some time to Google yourself and crawl through the online platforms and social media sites that any prospective employer or staffing agency would. What do you see? If you don’t like it – change it immediately.

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