Is it time for a Digital Detox

Is it time you had a Digital Detox?

All across social media today you can see the word #Mobilegeddon trending as Google launch their new algorithm to reflect the trend in people using mobile phones to browse the internet. There is no question that our society is obsessed with the mobile phone, with Brit’s reportedly checking their mobile phone every 6.5 minutes and up to a whopping 150 times a day! If you’re one of the many students coming up to those all important exams you may find yourself distracted by Facebook and neglecting your revision! Is it time you had a Digital Detox?

Detoxing is never easy, and with statistics saying that Facebook and Twitter can be more addictive than smoking then it really is no surprise! So here are a few simple tips to have a Digital Detox so you can focus on your exam revision:

  1. Download an App to show how much you use it

The first step to rehabilitate yourself is admit you have a problem. Not convinced you do? Download an app such as ‘Quality Time’ or ‘Checky’ to show just how much you are using it!

  1. Set Time Limits

Turn your phone on silent and only allow yourself to check it at planned intervals (e.g. have 10 minute every 1.5 hours). This is a good way to break up your revision and should stop you scrolling through your news feed for hours on end.

  1. Turn off your notifications

If your screen is lighting up every 5 seconds (which if you use Whatsapp anything like my friends then it will be!) then turn off your notifications. I did this recently and found a massive difference in the amount of times I was checking my phone!

  1. Keep your phone in the other room

If you can’t trust yourself to stick to number 2 and 3 then put your phone in a different room!

Those 4 simple steps should help you get away from your phone and focus on your exam revision. If you’re still finding it hard just think – would you rather have a better grade in your degree or a high score on ‘Candy Crush’? It’s a no brainer!

Sophie Heaton (Digital Campaign Manager)

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