Interview Success

The Key Factors to Consider when Preparing for an Interview.

Performing well while being interviewed is clearly very important when it comes to being hired for any job. It is increasingly important the more desirable the position generally is. Perspective is key to being good in an interview. Instead of just thinking about what you think sounds good, you need to focus on what the interviewer is looking for.

Ability, suitability, professionalism, and manageability are all key characteristics in what interviewers typically look for when interviewing to make a hire. Employers/interviewers look for ability first. If a person is not capable of doing the job due to lack of required skills, then it does not matter if they are stellar in the other attributes that are desired. Next they look for how suitable you are for the job. Do you have the drive and motivation to succeed at this job? Being able to handle the stresses of the job and work well with your co-workers are some of those required attributes that employers look for. Professionalism and manageability are characteristics that fall under how suitable an applicant may be for a job. When you are very manageable, you learn well and take direction when given. This makes work easier for your boss and co-workers. How professional an employee is directly relates to how manageable they will be. If a person is resistant to being directed, they won’t be suitable for the position.

Remember to consider that besides being able to physically and mentally do a specific job, employers want to know how well you work with others and how you can handle yourself on your own. They want to know if you are driven and have a will to succeed. Considering these ideas before an interview will likely increase your chances of being hired and of you receiving that coveted “Your Hired” letter.

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