Leaving University? Stop Worrying!

When you come to graduate University you may find yourself worrying about all kinds of things – I know I did when I left 7 years ago! You spend your 3 (or even more) years working towards your degree and all of a sudden the results – and rest of your life – seem to hang in the balance out of your control. Leaving University? Stop Worrying! Here are a few things you can relax about…

“I haven’t secured a job”

This was definitely my main panic when I left University! Most of my friends secured job roles to start before we even had our graduation ceremony! The truth is you don’t need to rush! Many people work part-time until they start their first graduate role – so take your time applying and eventually the right company will invite you to interview.

“What if I don’t get a 1stClass Degree?”

Now maybe I’m biased seeing as I have a 2:1, but I remember the heartache I felt when I knew I’d missed that 1st class grade by only a few marks! The truth is that the majority of jobs don’t require a 1st – in fact some people deem 1st class graduates as more likely to leave a job role so you could even become more employable! The important thing is you have a degree and can show that you are hard-working and dedicated to your new employers!

“My degree doesn’t match the job I want!”

So what! Most of the time you can get a job based on transferrable skills gained from your degree rather than the actual subject itself. Sure there are exceptions – you can’t become a doctor with a degree in Fine Art but don’t pigeon hole yourself into your chosen subject if you want something different. I earned my degree in Dance and after 2 years teaching I decided I wanted a change! My degree allowed me to get a role in marketing and I have since gained experience in this through work alone!

“I’m going to miss my friends!”

It’s only natural to feel this way! You’ve lived with people for 3+ years, growing to be best friends and a face to see every day! The good news is you won’t lose touch – at least not with the ones you really like! With social media giving you a daily dose of your friends’ lives you probably won’t feel like you ever separated at all!

“I’m in so much debt”

Now I’m not saying bury your head in the sand and ignore being in debt! But the joy of a student loan is that the payments are deducted from your wages before you even see the money – and the amounts you pay is based on your salary so you shouldn’t be paying too little or too much!


Sophie Heaton (Digital Campaign Manager)

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