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LinkedIn Buzzwords And How To Avoid Them

Trying to stick out from the crowds on LinkedIn? Well lets start by getting rid of those buzzwords you’ve been using.

What buzzwords are used the most frequently on LinkedIn in the US?

Users in the US show a strong preference for three buzzwords. Coming in third place is ‘effective’, second place goes to ‘strategic’, and finally the most common buzzword is ‘responsible’. Please try to make sure you stick out from the crowd on LinkedIn by avoiding these words, or at least use them very sparingly.

What buzzwords are popular in different countries on LinkedIn?

Different nations show different trends in buzzwords. In the Netherlands, ‘sustainable’ is commonly employed. If we look to Australia and New Zealand, you will often see the word ‘passionate’ used. Now, in the UK they use the word ‘enthusiastic’ the most. Meanwhile, in the US many people write that they are ‘patient’. Take a look and you’ll see these words pop up on your connections’ profiles.

So you will drop the buzzwords, but what should you use instead?

Focus on demonstrating your results! Start by writing what you were able to accomplish. Have you increased sales by ten percent? Launched a new program recently? Talk about it. Employ active language and think verbs not adjectives. Remember, you are not ‘responsible’ that is just too buzz-wordy. Instead tell them you manage inventory and prevented losses.

Finally, there is networking. The only thing better than telling someone about the good you have done is someone else telling someone about the good you have done. So get networking.

Now you’ve got it, remember, you are not just another sheep. You are ‘you’ and you should be ready to advance ‘you’ over and above just plain old responsible, strategic and effective!

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