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What Makes A LinkedIn Profile Successful ?

Gone are the days of responding to a job posting in the paper by mailing your resume. Sure, there are plenty of job posting websites out there but clicking the “apply” button is the 21st century equivalent of paper. A compelling LinkedIn profile is the best way to grab the attention of your peers, recruiters and hiring managers, especially given the vast reach and networking power of LinkedIn today.

So what makes a LinkedIn profile successful and effective? A compelling brand statement is the best way to grab and keep the readers attention.

What is a personal brand statement? A brand statement is a s short statement that summarizes what makes you, you and what value you would bring to a perspective employer.

What are the other components to an effective LinkedIn profile? There are four main sections to your LinkedIn profile. First, there is the headline. This is a brief description of who you are and the experience bring to the table. Next is the summary. This is the story of your work experience and your successes. Third is your experience. How much money did you save? How much did you grow the business? Last are your endorsements and recommendations.

Establish a custom URL so that your profile is more likely to rise to the top of search results. Join groups related to your field so that you stay current. Solicit feedback form others and update your profile based on that feedback. Follow these steps and you will increase your chances to land your next job significantly.

Learn The Secret to Building a LinkedIn Profile That Gets Results

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