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How to Master Personal Branding

What do Martha Stewart, Oprah, and Beyoncé have in common? They are acknowledged as experts in their respective fields. You can be too, even if you are not a celebrity, by developing a strong personal brand for your web presence. Starting is simple; answer these three questions. In what field am I an expert? Where is my passion? What is unique about me? Answering these questions will help you to find your niche in the competitive digital market. If you have trouble making a decision, ask your friends and family for insight. You can also try reviewing the qualities of people you admire and make their values your own. Narrowing down your ambitions to a single, clearly defined target market will help you become the go-to person for your chosen topic. Writing reviews on for books and products related to your chosen specialty can go a long way to building you reputation as an expert as well. The final ingredient in a successful personal brand is consistency. You should use the same user name, the same identifying imagery and the same type of content for all of your social media outlets. You want to avoid mixing lots of different topics together on your blog, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, because it will send mixed signals to the public about your professional identity. Invest some creative energy into your personal brand now, and remember all of these tips, and you will see big dividends in the future. Over time, your network and customer base will grow, along with your bank book.

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