Mobile Apps for College Students

Smart University students should know best how to take advantage of technology and this includes leveraging apps for maximum advantage. There are a huge amount of applications that any student should take advantage of to make their University life and experience as easy as possible. From time management, to saving money, to studying online – it’s at the tip of your fingertips, every hour of every day.

What Kind of Time Management Apps are There?

Many apps can help you take control of your time and your allocation of resources. For instance, iStudiezPro will give you a built-in planner for only 2.99 on iPhones. This planner is much more detailed than what is offered by a standard iPhone, and offers more helpful alerts of deadlines. Input all of your assignments and tests and handle it easily!

Are there Useful Apps for Social Use?

For times that you don’t want to study, there are useful tools for a college student as well. DrinkOwl is one of the best applications for college students that need to drink on a budget; it lists nearby open liquor stores, and updates in real time specials and deals for each store! You won’t have to worry about beer prices anymore with DrinkOwl.

How Can I Get the Best Deals with Apps and save money?

Many apps are tailored directly to the needs of college students: getting as much as possible while paying as little as possible. Apps such as Amazon Student allow you to scan a barcode and find the cheapest place to purchase a book!

Since college students were born in the age of internet and technology, there are a wide variety of mobile applications designed for their use. Many of these apps can help you save money or aid you in your studies. Take advantage of these valuable, easy to use resources today!

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