How to Survive the First Week of University

The transition from home life to being at University can be one of the most exciting, yet terrifying things anyone can go through. While it can be tough be away from home for the first week, there are a few tips that can help you get through.

There are a number of misconceptions about University that can leave people with unreasonable expectations about their experiences there. For instance, it is most likely that your flat mates will not be the people that you like hanging out with the most, as conflicts tend to arise around living spaces that can potentially sour relationships.

During your first week, keeping track of your finances will be impossible; there are so many small things to buy and components of your room you may have forgotten to bring that you will likely end up spending more than you anticipated. Because of this, make sure you have a nest egg saved up for a rainy day! Finally, you should not spend anything that you don’t want to – to watch out for joining fees for clubs and societies that you may not want to remain a part of after week 1.

The first week of University can be extremely stressful, but it should be fun and hugely rewarding at the same time. Just remember to make as many connections and friends as possible, don’t rely on flatmates as a source of friendship, and make sure you have some money saved up!

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