Graduating from University

OMG! I’m Graduating! What do I do now?

You are graduating and now it’s time to make the big decisions to take your life in the direction that is best for you. The only problem is how do you make the decisions and will they be the right ones for you. So how do you make these important decisions without driving yourself crazy?

What are the choices I have?

There are many obvious choices that you can start with. You could start your career by getting a job, you could increase your experience by volunteering, you could enhance yourself with some worldly experience by traveling, you could even expand your knowledge by continuing your education. These things are an excellent way to start, or anything else you choose as long as you know why you are choosing to.

How do I make my choices?

You can make your choice simpler by using these 5 steps to make your decision. Firstly decide what exactly you want out of your life and career. Secondly list all the choices you have. Thirdly review your choices with what you want in your career and life. Fourthly outline a path of your life’s journey. And lastly you establish what is next.

How exactly do I use these to make my choice?

Let’s start with the first step, ask yourself, how do I want to be remembered, what will people think that I have accomplished? They may be hard to answer but they will get you to center of what is important to you. Second step is to list all the choices you have, sit down and write a list of all the things you know you can do right now, no matter what they are. Third step is to take that list and see what will coincide with where you want your life to go. Mark out what doesn’t meet the criteria for your life plans. Fourth step is to take that list and make a plan with them to reach your life goals. And the last step is to use that plan to move onto whatever the next thing in your life is.

These steps will help you not only decide what is next but also to help you clarify who you are and what exactly it is that you want out of your life. So use them to discover yourself and what direction your life is in.

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