Very Optimistic Outlook For UK Graduate Hiring

This year the UK has reached the highest student recruitment rate it has seen since 2007. This has proven to be a vast improvement since the start of the recession seven years ago.

The three companies with the most positions to fill are Teach First, PwC, and Deloitte, each with over 1,000 positions available. Many large companies, such as those three, mention that it will be next to impossible for someone with no work experience to find employment. It is said that approximately 37% of the new jobs for graduates are to be filled by graduates that either worked or interned at that company previously.

There is good news, however, when it comes to these internship positions. There are over 11,000 paid internships for college freshmen and sophomores. This means that many students will great opportunities for work experience upon graduation. There is, however, one not-so-positive thing about these new jobs: the median starting salary for the new graduates still remains at £29,000 ($47,664). The highest starting wages are said to be at investment banks, banking and finance firms, and energy companies.

This all is very good news for the UK. It was reported that unemployment has went down 121,000 in the last year. That along with the 8.4% increase in recruitment for students give a very positive outlook for college bound kids.

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