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Plan for Interview Success

So you have a big interview coming up and you want to be sure you stand out from the rest of the candidates? What you are looking for is interview success and a step up your career ladder.

When you go into to a job interview one of the best things you can do is demonstrate that you have a sincere interest in the company and that this is not just another job you have applied for. This means taking some time to get to know the company, look them up online, go over their website, be familiar with their products and which ones you will work with or on. During your interview make sure you use this knowledge in your answers to the interviewers questions because this will show that you are taking this interview seriously. When an interviewer asks if you have any questions make sure that you have a few prepared ahead of time that show you have spent the time to research the company so do not let this valuable opportunity go to waste.A lot of candidates show up to the interview empty handed, do not do this. When you get ready to go to the interview make sure that you bring a few hard copies of your resume with you. Its always great to be able to hand it to the interviewer if they need it and it shows that you were well prepared for this interview. Also bring a copy of the job description you applied for and a copy of your references. Spend sometime practicing responding to common interview questions and research common questions specific to your job position.

It all comes down to how well you have prepared for the interview. If you have done your research, know the company and the position you are applying for then you a step ahead and it will show in your confidence during the interview. Once you have finished the interview its not time to stop pursuing the position so do not forget to send a thank you letter as a follow up and keep your interview fresh in their minds.

Most importantly of course is that you learn from previous failures and implement those learnings.

Steve Blythe (Recruitment and Social Media Commentator).


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