Does your resume need a face lift?

When it comes to finding a new job one of the first things most of us do is pull out our resume and make a few changes. Ask yourself is your resume dating you? Much like anyone who wants to look younger chances are your resume may need a quick makeover. There are a few simple straight forward changes you can make to you resume that will help you get your foot in the door. So your job history is longer then some of the younger generations alive? Cut it short keep it simple 2 pages is more then enough, to encompass the last 15-20 years and while your at it make sure to cut your graduation date from your education section. Stay up to date on the changes in your field, changes in terminology and new job requirements as well as new job tittles. Make some changes on your resume to encompass industry changes, be sure to include new skills that are relevant now. Embrace new technologies and include them in your resume email addresses, cell phone numbers and even Linked-in profiles show you have kept up with the times and help prevent your resume being weeded out based on age. Do a quick internet search for resume examples in your job title to get an idea of the current trends in resumes. Demonstrating that you have been keeping up to date with the newest changes in the work place will show that you are adaptable and can embrace changes easily. A few simple changes to your resume will help make sure it doesn’t end up on bottom of the stack. Not to mention you probably still have plenty of skills the younger generation doesn’t.

You have to get your resume in towards the top of the pile so work on your resume to positively influence the interviewer in that direction.

Steve Blythe  (Recruitment and Social Media Commentator).

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