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Should You Take the Road Less Traveled After University?

What do most students do after University? Most graduates either continue their studies or get a job. Ideally, their further academic work will build on prior research and help the person become an expert in his or her field. Alternatively, getting a job will utilise the skills and knowledge acquired during university. The latter is the most traditional pathway following university.

What are the drawbacks to both of these roads?

The problem with continuing studies, generally progressing into a PhD, is that it requires much devotion to one topic and this may grow dull over time. If then often leads to a “publish or perish” lifestyle in academia, which can become incredibly taxing.

The problem with pursuing a job is that it may also grow boring. You will not get to call your own shots for a long time and the chances of actually working your way to the top in even a medium sized company are relatively low. Plus, you are still beholden to pleasing others for your livelihood.

What could I do after university instead – perhaps I could be my own boss?

A unique option would be to become an entrepreneur and start your own company or social enterprise. This allows you to consider problems or needs you hold deal and solve them!

Entrepreneurial-ism allows graduates to control their destiny and build people below you, rather than having to claw their way to the top. With careful planning, you may even be able to secure funding to help get your firm off the ground, such as through Entrepreneur First in the UK.

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